Tito Ortiz was hesitant in fighting Rampage, jabs at Dana White, has 2 year Bellator MMA deal

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The best thing you could do today is sit down for 8 minutes and watch this entire interview with Tito Ortiz. In this interview with Marcos Villegas, Tito goes on to talk about how it’s pretty crazy for him and Rampage, long-time friends, to fight – but they’re willing to beat each other up for once outside of a training gym, and then the interview goes further, to the giant elephant in the room.

Tito was with the UFC for the vast majority of his pro career, and with that, came the looming Dana White, who Tito rarely got along with. In Bellator, Tito feels free, and more respected than ever.

“I look back and think what the hell was I thinking. The relationship I had with my former boss was not a good one. It’s a year later, I’m not even employed by them, and they’re still talking smack on me. I still scratch my head. Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta were always awesome guys to me, always been very cool and I have tons of respect for them. Very professional. The other guy, he just couldn’t stop talking bad things about me. I can’t understand it. I apologized but it’s not about that, it’s too personal to him.”

“Right now it’s about giving the best fights I can give and having a positive environment around me. I’m happy for once, it’s nice to be in a good, positive environment, and when that happens I’m a scary man.”

That certainly remains to be seen, but either way, this fight may actually garner some eyeballs, won’t it?

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