Timothy Bradley asked about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, believes it is cheating


Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a big problem in MMA and it is slowly making an entrance into the world of Boxing. At this point in time a majority of boxers have no clue what TRT is and it makes sense. Old school trainers and their no non-sense approach to training see many fighters train the way Roberto Duran and “Sugar” Ray Leonard once did many moons ago. Simply put, a lot of fighters and trainers are die hard old school when it comes to preparation and are closed minded at times to new more “scientific” training methods.

That may all be changing as Lamont Peterson was the first well documented boxer that was busted for using TRT. The fighter took testosterone pellets before his first bout with then junior welterweight champion Amir Khan and tested positive for it after being tested by VADA (the voluntary anti-doping association). The result was a cancelled rematch with Amir Khan and millions of dollars lost by both promoter and network HBO.

We recently spoke to new WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley and asked him about the controversial treatment. He had the same response Floyd Mayweather Jr. did when we asked him and honestly with the above stated, it came no surprise to us that he did not know what it was. We explained the therapy to Bradley who immediately stated that “it is cheating,” and we agree. Bradley goes on to explain how to naturally boost up abnormally low testosterone levels in this interesting interview with the Palm Springs based fighter.

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