Tim Kennedy is thrilled to fight Lyoto Machida, blasts Belfort and Henderson for TRT usage.


Say what you will about Tim Kennedy’s incendiary twitter account or sometimes in your face politics, the dude is a fighter. All he wants is to fight, especially after averaging at best 1 fight a year for a few years in Strikeforce. It must suck to be  a healthy scratch for so long, and that’s why he will always say ‘yes’ to a fight. Be it Vitor Belfort on TRT  in Brazil, or Lyoto Machida at middleweight. He just wants to bang, bro.

Read this fantastic interview Tim did over at Bleacher Report.

“I was super excited, totally pumped, thrilled, ecstatic, when I was told about the fight,” “I think he’s always been a small light heavyweight, he should’ve been a middleweight a few years ago.”

“He should’ve come down to middleweight sooner, which I think is the natural weight for him. I have the expectation it will be the best Machida since he won the title.”

“Right after my last fight, I was asking to be on that card. The groups I represent are the Green Beret Foundation, Rhino Den, Ranger Up, and the  Wounded Warriors, so it’s really cool to be on this card. Emotionally, I’m very invested, and I have to be since I’m fighting a legend who is a dangerous fighter.”

“I hope he comes to fight. I don’t want to chase the guy around for 15 minutes. That’s not the fight the fans want, the troops want. If he comes and fights, we’re gonna put on a great show.”

“I know I’m not a marquee name and I’m looked past by most guys. He is an example of a true fighter to me: my hat’s off to Lyoto for being a real fighter and stepping up to the plate to fight me.”

“I wonder who is going to have higher testosterone levels during their fight camp?,” said Kennedy. “The real competition for those two is who is going to have the highest testosterone levels during the fight camp. Just take their testosterone levels from four weeks out, and that’s the winner of the fight, no reason for these guys to even meet in the cage.”

“If you have a guy who can only fight in a scenario where hes injecting synthetic testosterone into his body, he shouldn’t be fighting.”

“This is mixed martial arts – integrity, legacy, discipline – this is not Mark MaGwire baseball. He almost killed the sport of baseball. Somebody needs to come to grips this is damaging the sport.”

“His requirement to fight me was to fight me in Brazil. If I get a call to fight, I’m told it’s at this time, at this place and I accept. I don’t go around being like ‘well, I’m only going to fight so and so if we meet in Austin, Texas.’ Fight clean, stop using steroids.”

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