Tim Kennedy Back In The Gym And Wanting Matchups With Bisping Or Sonnen

by: Will Gray

After his recent win this past Saturday night against Robbie Lawler, the Texas based Tim Kennedy has locked himself into a title fight for the Strikeforce middleweight championship. However, watching post fight interviews, the Green Beret was not pleased with his performance and the fight overall. Fight Hub TV was able to speak with Kennedy and get his thoughts on his fight, plans for future and Ranger Up.

FHTV: What were you upset with most for your fight this past weekend?

TK: I do not like fights going to decisions even if it is unanimous. I was not happy with the way Robbie Lawler came in and fought me. I am the type of guy that wants to meet you in the middle of the mat every time we fight, when people hear that, they automatically think “oh, two guys are gonna stand there swinging until someone’s head flies off.” This is MMA, you need to be ready for wherever the fight goes: takedown, standing, ground game, wherever. I just get tired of guys saying they are gonna fight me and then are either back peddling or just not willing to engage or exchange. If you are gonna fight me, fight me.

FHTV: Your win put you in position for another title fight. When will you start training for that?

TK: I was back in the gym yesterday morning. This is my job and my job is to be in shape and ready to fight. I love to fight, I am not scared to fight, so why should I stop training? All I got was a cut on my nose from this fight. I am doing what I can to be ready to go, I want to be ready in case Jacare or Luke Rockhold get hurt, I will be there ready to fill in if they need me to.

FHTV: Do you think being the level of soldier you were in the military and Special Forces helps you train for a fight since you were always training in the military?

TK: I think the military has definitely helped me to always be ready and train for whatever comes my way but that’s just how I am also. I am dedicated to my job and love what I do.

FHTV: Being under contract to Zuffa, would you be open to fight in the UFC next if it meant not getting a Strikeforce title match?

TK: Zuffa is my boss (laughing) I am not going to tell them no if they want me to fight in the UFC. I will fight whoever they put in front of me; I do not turn fights down or run from guys. I would like to fight for a championship but will do what I am asked to do from my boss

FHTV: Who would you like to go against in the UFC right now?

TK: I think it would be awesome to go against Bisping for a first fight in the UFC. There are a lot of guys there who I am willing to fight and will when the times comes. I also think Chael Sonnen would be a great fight, I think I match up good with him. I am not saying it would be the easiest, Chael is a great fighter but I would love to get in there and do my job.

FHTV: Ranger Up, your sponsor was not worn by you this weekend. Can you explain that situation?

TK: Zuffa has fees they require for sponsors to pay to let their product be aired. That sponsor needs to pay the fighter so much money and then the promotion so much more money. In the end, Ranger Up has three fighters they sponsor and we each fight like 1-2 times a year right now, so it was not the best business plan for them to pay the money involved if they are not going to be aired as much as other brands might be.

Fight Hub TV would like to thank Tim Kennedy for taking the time out of his training and morning to speak with us and we are excited to see what is next in store for the middleweight star.

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