Tim Kennedy and Mark Munoz won their fights at UFC 162, are they destined to battle?

Tim-Kennedy-vs-Jacare-Souza-strikeforce-houston (1)


Death, taxes and Donkey Kong punches from Mark Munoz. Thats what we saw tonight against Tim Boetsch. It was arguably the best we’ve ever seen Munoz, and he decimated the notoriously tough Boetsch with body shots and superior wrestling. In the next fight, we saw Tim Kennedy and Roger Gracie go at it in their collective UFC debuts, and Kennedy, using his superior wrestling and stand up attack, slowly wearing down Roger.

The Kennedy/Gracie fight was somewhat close – a 29-28 for Kennedy, but Munoz pretty much beat Boetsch into a pulp. Now I wonder: are these two destined to fight? Kennedy has been a title contender in Strikeforce for years, and Munoz is always hovering around the top ten of the middleweight division, so this makes for what could be a good fight for the fans in the middleweight division. The only people hurt? The fans of both fighters, like me. Damn.


What do you think? Are these to going to fight?

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