“Sugar” Shane Mosley- “I am finally 100% and that is the problem Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is facing”

Well it is time to give the under card of the Rings Kings May 5th match-up a little love today! As we all know Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be taking on Miguel Cotto this Saturday but what some people do not know is that right before that fight we will see “Sugar” Shane Mosley taking on undefeated Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. This is the biggest name Alvarez has faced in his young career but many doubt it will be a tough challenge.

Fans and critics point to three years of sub par performances from Shane Mosley as the crux of their argument and they have good reason. Shane Mosley’s last win was against Antonio Margartio back at the Staples Center in 2009. If you look further back though Mosley had a tough time with Ricardo Mayorga in 2008, scoring a last second knockout of the Nicaraguan in the 12th round. Shane Mosley contends that the main reason he has had bad performances these past years is due to injuries he suffered during the training camps for Floyd Mayweather Jr. (groin injury) and Manny Pacquiao (achilles injury). He spoke to our very own Marcos Villegas and is relieved he is injury free and finally 100% for a training camp and fight. He also touches on why he feels he has kept his speed and reflexes while other boxers his same age have not.

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