Sonnen says Silva asked for mercy during UFC 117 bout

Son of a B****!

So a day before the whole roid thing happened we spoke to Chael Sonnen in Rosemead, CA. We also spoke to Dana White and our fight correspondent Marcos, had some questions about the issue of steroids he wanted to ask both Sonnen and White. When it came time to speak to White, Marcos admitted he was a bit worried that White would go off on one of his questions as it related to Sean Shrek, Shane Carwin, Josh Barnett and steroids. Man, good job dude bro on asking the question right! The next Day the CSAC comes out with Sonnen testing positive for a yet to be named illegal substance.

Imagine the headlines and traffic we could of gotten and the bigger ones we would of had if by chance encounter, Marcos who had questions for Sonnen on steroids as well didn’t have to cut his interview short with the man of a thousand catch lines to go cover the Mosley/Mora fight down the street at Staples Center.

Bummer right? Oh well, Sonnen did reveal quite a bit to Marcos during the interview. When asked about why he has so much anger directed towards alot of fighters, Sonnen let us in on his thinking and personal thoughts on the subject matter. In quite a bit of shocking news, Sonnen also revealed that Silva (and this is according to Sonnen, so take it for what it is worth) during their UFC 117 title match actually asked for Sonnen to go easy on him, citing a hurt rib. Sonnen then goes on to explain that he felt bad for Silva and decided to take it a little easy on the UFC middleweight champion.

Fact or fiction? You be the judge, but one thing is for sure, Chael Sonnen sure has been taking notes from The Rock, Ric Flair and Muhammad Ali as his trash talking in this video is on par with the best of them!

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