Should BJ Penn retire (for good)?

If this is really it, and some hope for BJ’s sake it is, then it was a good run. BJ Penn without a doubt is UFC Hall of Fame worthy, even though his pedestrian on paper record of 16-9-2 would make the average fan scoff, we know the the kid from Hilo would just scrap at a moment’s notice. Hell, some could say he beat Machida (when Machida was at HEAVYWEIGHT) back at that k-1 event years ago. And it’s still debated whether he defeated GSP all those years ago, or even Jon Fitch… This is us wanting to put our arm around BJ Penn and tell him ‘don’t worry’ you’ve made more of an impression on people in your 27 fights than some with 100, and furthermore, you’re losing to the top of the weight class above you.

So Dana White says he wants BJ to retire. Why not one more run at 155 if BJ is up for it? The lightweight division has finally settled after 2 years of flux since BJ left 155-town for welterweight. I think it could add some normalcy, and a loss to Henderson at 155 could finally signal that BJ is done and the division has moved past him. But until then, go to 155 BJ, don’t retire until you get your ass kicked by “someone your size,” we think you still have something left. Besides, we think you still have a lot of ass to kick.

This is Dana White speaking to MMAFighting’s Mike Chiapetta.

“He didn’t say it tonight but I think BJ is probably going to retire,” White said. “I wouldn’t mind seeing that. He came back with a fire lit under him. Let me tell you what: That kid looked so good tonight. Rory looked better than he ever looked. The body punches he threw, you dont see punches like that in mixed martial arts. He really put it to B.J. tonight.

“B.J. is a warrior,” he continued. “Talk about a guy who doesn’t give up, doesn’t quit, and just keeps coming. I have so much respect for B.J. I always have, even though the good times and bad times. I‘d like to see him retire. He’s got plenty of money, he’s got a great family that loves him, he’s got babies, a beautiful wife … He has nothing left to prove to anybody, and everybody loves him. You heard the arena here tonight. I’d like to see B.J. retire.

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