Roy Nelson demolishes Big Nog with a devastating KO


Please stop fighting, Big Nog. I don’t want to keep watching you get hurt. It’s just not fun. If you ask me, the fight between Roy Nelson and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira should’ve been stopped about 20 seconds before Roy finally shut off Nog’s lights and maybe pulled the curtain on his career. Why did the ref even keep it going? Why must men be sent into unconsciousness before we believe they can no longer intelligently defend themselves, which Nog wasn’t. He took one huge overhand right from Roy and then kept taking them until he melted.

It makes for a good replay from Abu Dhabi on today’s Fight Pass Fight Night (Fight Afternoon) and is a huge notch in Roy’s equally huge belt. Zprophet got the replay below. Be shocked, be amazed. Be hopeful you saw the end of the 37-year-old Noguiera’s career. I love him too much to see this happen anymore. Brutal.

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