Ronda Rousey and boyfriend grill “Cyborg” Santos “Oh I was taking a supplement..biggest BS excuse”

By Will Gray:

Olympic medalist, judoka and rising star of women’s Mixed Martial Arts, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is not scared to speak her mind. Fight Hub TV was able to catch up with the StrikeForce bantamweight who will be challenging current champion Meisha Tate on March 3rd for the title and she was kind enough to speak with us on Cristine “Cyborg” Santos recent positive test for steroids and PED’s.

“What she was doing is criminally negligent and intolerable,” said Rousey. “In other sports steroids are taking for overall performance; we are fighters, so if you are taking something to become stronger, that can be threatening to the other person in the cage.” Rousey has competed professionally since she was a teenager and is not a stranger to drug testing in many forms, “Olympic drug testing is so much more vigorous than any athletic comission…I have nothing to hide and have never been proven wrong.”

Adding more information to the topic was Ronda Rousey’s boyfriend, Henry who joins us and educates fans as to why he feels Santos knew what she was doing, “she knew what she was doing and what specifically she was taking..if she is innocent as she claims, why is she not trying harder to prove that?”

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