Roger Mayweather “It will be a mismatch down the stretch, Floyd will probably stop Miguel Cotto”

You gotta love Roger Mayweather! The outspoken trainer of and uncle of Floyd Mayweather Jr. has some of the funniest quotes in all of boxing. The original “Black Mamba” was a former two time world champion so much respect needs to be given to the man. Marcos Villegas recently caught up with uncle Roger as the two talk about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s May 5th bout with Miguel Cotto.

The older Mayweather believes and visualizes that his nephew will have a “awesome-like” performance against the Puerto Rican fighter and tells us, do not be surprised if he stops Cotto. Regardless of ow the fight ends, people will compare Mayweather’s performance to Manny Pacquiao’s performance back in 2009 in which he eventually stopped Cotto. Mayweather also touches on if training has changed at all for Floyd as well as voices his opinion on how a body breaks down.

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