Robert Guerrero “I will beat Floyd Mayweather; Now it is time to show you”

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Just weeks before the stepping into the ring in what will be the biggest spectacle that he will be a part of in his career, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero seems calm and focused at the task at-hand; beating Floyd Mayweather.

With the felony gun charges seemingly an afterthought, Guerrero is not the usual Mayweather opponent pre-fight. Most talk trash like they are the baddest thing in the ring and that could be because they are scared or that they are letting the moment get to them.

Guerrero is portraying that he is confident, but not being over the top about it which shows that he knows this will be a tough bout. Guerrero’s mindset needs to be ready to endure a struggle in order to gain some triumph against a fighter like Mayweather.

As Guerrero said, he has wanted this fight for over two years and now that May 4 is right around the corner it’s time for “The Ghost” to back up the years of ranting about wanting a Mayweather bout. If Guerrero comes out flat and is ran through like many Mayweather opponents do, then the boxing world will lose some respect for the guy.

With Mayweather coming into the bout off a one-year layoff, a short stint in jail and recent out of the ring issues Floyd may be providing Guerrero with the perfect storm to beat the 43-0, pound-for-pound king.

Mayweather is a master at adapting in the ring and if Guerrero is smart, he won’t come in with a in set game plan, but rather come in with a tentative plan of action, ready to change it up as the bout progresses.

Although the fans at the MGM Grand might not like it, Guerrero would be smart to pick his spots where he wants to push the action leaving spots where much action will not take place. Being overly aggressive against a counter-punching specialist like Mayweather is a recipe for disaster and Guerrero must be ready to hear some boos from the crowd, not letting it affect his mindset in the process.

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