Freddie Roach predicts a left hook knockout from Georges St. Pierre at UFC 124

So on a random November day, when the media storm calmed over what is Hurricane Pacquiao and all was quiet on the western front of Hollywood, the Fight Hub TV crew decided to pay The Wild Card Boxing Club a visit and its famed resident Freddie Roach.

With no TV stations to fight with, or oversees publications to haggle with over prime position there was still quite a buzz at The Wild Card. Call it a product of hard work, or a master reaping the benefits of his masterpiece, you will always find Wild Card with a ton of people and equally down to earth and funny characters all around the gym.

On this particular visit, we did not come to Roach to talk about his pupil Manny Pacquiao, but we instead wanted to talk to him about a pupil who is beginning to grow with Roach, Georges St. Pierre. The UFC welterweight champion was recently in the Philippines where he joined up with the famed boxing trainer and the most popular boxer alive in Manny Pacquiao. Roach for his part talked to Fight Hub TV about Pierre’s most recent trip with him but shared a lot more.

In talking with our fight correspondent Marcos Villegas, Roach revealed that Pierre had to follow a 18 round mitt session between p-4-p boxing king Pacquiao and Roach and that Pierre was in awe of Pacquiao’s conditioning. Pierre followed with a eight round sparring session as Roach tells us that the UFC champion was a bit hesitant and nervous working out at the same time of Pacquiao as he did not want to get out of his car.

For all its worth Pierre does appear to be looser and more fluid according to Roach as an ever improving boxing technique will lead to a left hook knock out. “Koshcheck jumps in from far away and I taught (Pierre) how to beat that with a counter. I think he will knock him out with a left hook in that fight.”

The Roach-Pierre tag team combination is not a two shot deal as both fighter and trainer plan to work more together in the future with Team Pierre inviting Roach to work the corner of his upcoming fight as well as all others. Unfortunately Roach will be cornering Amir Kahn the night of Koshcheck’s fight but does plan on working in the corner of Pierre when time permits.

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