Rich Franklin talks UFC return & juicing

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Rich Franklin is well on his way to the UFC Hall of Fame, this much is known and this much is obvious, but I suggest possibly an even greater honor to bestow upon the former UFC middleweight champion – create a new weight division called ‘Franklinweight.’ You know what I’m saying here – create a 195 pound division and name it after Rich Franklin. Few people have skipped around weights with as much success as Rich, and additional weight classes would be a good thing for MMA in my opinion, so let’s do it: Franklinweight. You know you want it.

So here we are, but a few months away from what will be Rich Franklin’s final UFC fight. He’s moving on from the punch/kick life, and now he’s juicing, and teaching others the benefits of juicing, which is a great thing if you ask me. We were lucky enough to bend Rich’s ear for the better part of a half-hour long network TV show to talk about his return to the UFC, as well as his new juicing endeavors. Watch, this is good.

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