Rampage Jackson “I do not care to be in UFC Hall of Fame” talks new mobile phone app and UFC


Making his place in MMA as one of the most recognized fighters and constant fan favorite, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been involved in many endorsements and venues outside of fighting that has helped propel his stock and at the same time bring attention and more fans to any organization he is associated with.

After losing his UFC 144 light heavyweight bout with contender Ryan Bader, Jackson has been vocal in his displeasure with the UFC and desire to go to another promotion to showcase his talents elsewhere. Before fighting is outside of his mind though, he has not slowed in putting his mark on another enterprise – mobile phone apps.

Fight Hub TV was able to speak with Rampage on his new Smartphone app “Rampage Punch”, acting, his current status in MMA and what the future holds for him.

FHTV: What inspired you to make the mobile app?  

Rampage: I came up with the concept of the app when I saw how Smartphone’s were taking off.  I was on Sports Science and I tested my punch; I wanted everyone to be able to test their punch and show it to their friends and Medl mobile had a great idea to be able to post it to Facebook and Twitter.  I just thought it was a no brainer and it’s a really cool game.  It was cool to bring one of my ideas to life.

FHTV: Outside of this project, what are you looking to do or endorse outside of MMA?

Rampage: Sometimes things come in waves. If a good product or something good comes my way, I’ll definitely do it. If I make another app I’m down to endorse that but other than that I’m just doing me.  I’ve got a clothing line called Reverend.  You can check it out at Reverend.com  I’ve been endorsing that.  One of my favorite sponsors is MMA League, they’ve got a great things for me endorse.  But that is just me.  I’ve got my app, my sponsors, and my clothing line.  Other than that I’ve got nothing else.

FHTV: On your YouTube clip for the app, you’re rapping in the background. Is there a possible album in the works?

Rampage:  If I do any type of music it will probably over seas, like a “David Hasselhof” type of deal.  I don’t think I’m good enough for America; rappers in this country are too good.  It’s not my forte.

FHTV: After filming “The A-Team”, what is your current status of acting?  Will we see you in more movies?

Rampage: I loved doing the movie A-team.  It was a great experience.  If a movie role comes up I’m down but if it doesn’t come up, I’m happy with that too.  I’m kinda of content with everything.  Fighting is what I am and it’s what I’m best at.  I feel like once my fighting career is over I can pursue acting a little more.  There’s a couple TV shows I could see myself guest starring on every now and then.  But like I said, I’m not a seasoned actor.  I’ve been in one big movie and I’ve done a few other movies but I did one big movie, one movie that did real well.  I’m happy and thankful I did that and just living my days as a fighter.

FHTV: It’s no secret that you are leaving the UFC.  What’s the biggest factor in this?

Rampage:  I have great management.  There are a lot of other reasons that I prefer not to go into.  Back when the subject was hot I did a lot of other interviews and I was kind of cold and bold and I feel like its old news.  When I feel like I’m not appreciated and I’m not happy somewhere I stand up for myself

FHTV: How long until we see you in the octagon again?

Rampage: I have no idea when I’ll be back fighting. I plan on coming back late September, October.  I think that will be when I’ll be ready but I have no idea

FHTV: Is Shogun the fight you want or would you entertain the thought of fighting somebody else?

Rampage: I really don’t care.  After coming off a long layoff I just really want fight somebody that’s gonna be exciting fight.  The best thing for a fighter coming off a long layoff is a warm-up fight but I don’t see the UFC doing that because it is the end of my contract.

FHTV: What was the hardest fight you’ve had?  Who hit the hardest? Who were you most surprised by?

Rampage: The hardest fight I had would have to be Dan Henderson.  Kevin Randleman probably punched me the hardest.  Jon Jones surprised me the most

FHTV: Do you think Chuck Liddell could come back for a title shot?

Rampage: I have no idea

FHTV: Do you think you belong in the UFC Hall of Fame?

Rampage:  I don’t care to be in the UFC hall of fame.

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