Nick Diaz on Pacquiao’s win, Johny Hendricks, Roy Jones Jr. & wanting his UFC contract sold

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Nick Diaz is retired from MMA unless the UFC restructures his contract. That is the reality of the situation and we are slowly coming to accept it as the year anniversary of his fight against GSP has come and gone. But that doesn’t mean we have to be done watching him fight. Nick Diaz is completely down to box, and he’s been soaking up the sweet science at a greater rate since hanging up his MMA gloves. The one barrier to this is his UFC contract. But there’s a way around that – have someone buy it up. Maybe Roy Jones?

Our Marcos Villegas caught up with the elder Diaz brother in Las Vegas after Pacquiao/Bradley 2. It started out simply enough,┬áDiaz answered Marcos’ question of whether Pacquiao still looked to be in vintage form, and it turned into quite the interview:

“No, but I love watching him fight. I try to take what I can, this year has been good to me because I can make a lot of these shows. Most of the time I have 3-6 fights a year the last 13 years, but if I can get someone to buy my contract out in the UFC I’d be fighting here. Tell those guys to buy my contract so I can fight!”

“I would like to fight Johny Hendricks this year for the title but these guys are holding out. Either way I can’t complain I had a good run I’ve already had 37 fights. I’d like to have a boxing run. Of course, I’m with the UFC right now, it’s always up to Dana White. I’m always game.”

“I thought Lawler put the punches to him the whole fight. Hendricks scored two little takedowns out of desperation, but I don’t think you should give it to him for that.”

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