Must See Cruz vs Johnson Suplex GIF plus 2 More UFC on Verses 6 Highlight GIFs


cruz_vs_johnson_suplexBy Greg Riot

Dominick Cruz Suplexes Demetrious Johnson 2x

I think it was in the 3rd and 5th rounds that Cruz pulled off a suplex with some serious hang time on Johnson. Below is one of the suplexes:

Cruz Vs Johnson Suplex GIF

We don’t get to see moves like this WWE style belly to back suplex in MMA too often so it’s always a huge crowd pleaser. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see other WWE style moves such as the tombstone piledriver, Stone Cold stunner, German suplex or a camel clutch. Aside from the suplexes the fight seemed long and drawn out as each round was pretty much a repeat of the first.

Anthony Johnson Head Kicks Charlie Brenneman

The kick looks nasty but lacks the additional power it would have generated if Johnson would have fully turned his hips into the kick:

Anthony Johnson Head Kicks Charlie Brenneman GIF

Anthony Johnson and Dana White do not think the fight was called off too early by the ref but as you can see Brenneman was alert on the ground, conscious and not KO’d. In my opinion referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the fight too early, but whether he did or not, I still saw Anthony Johnson winning the fight.

Yves Edwards TKO’s Rafaello Oliveira

This definitely was NOT an early stoppage:

Yves Edwards TKO’s Rafaello Oliveira GIF

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