MMA Comic Book “Joe Palooka” Debuts Online

Comic books are significant toAmericanaas we know it. Sometime or another, everyone has either quoted a comic, acted as Superman or wanted to be the Dark Knight and wreck some stuff in the batmobile. As awesome as the superheroes can be portrayed, the separation between them and us were the fact of their “out-worldly” powers. Thanks to creator Joe Antonnaci, MMA’s first comic book star “Joe Palooka” debuts online today with the first two issues available for download.

 Visit the website ( to download a free preview of the comic and you will enjoy. Not to be taken as some sketched storyline, the artwork is as high quality in any mainstream comic series, there are set-ups for character development and true story to follow Joe Palooka on. Aside from his role in the series, it was announced last week that some very familiar MMA names will be gracing the pages in future issues.

 Partnering with Authentic Sports Management, Antonacci and his team will have their main character be accompanied by members of “The Blackzillians”, the training team comprised of: former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, Anthony Johnson, Michael Johnson, JC Cavalcante, Jorge Santiago and others. 

 MMA is continuing to grow and flourish in everything it touches, go and support the team of Joe Palooka for what they are doing for the industry. Fans who are interested in having these issues as collectibles need not fear, hard copies will be available early 2012.

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