Mike Pierce talks growing up with Chael Sonnen “He belly to back suplexed me”

So we all like a good ol funny story right? What about a good ol funny story involving Chael Sonnen and teammate Mike Pierce growing up in Oregon? Well this is exactly what we have for you today! Rejoice! So when Pierce is not busy talking this and that about Brazil and future opponent Carlos Eduardo Rocha he is telling us this and that about Chael Sonnen!

So we have all wondered, is Chael really like the Chael we see on all those fancy promos he cuts? Well we hate to burst it to you, but Pierce reveals that in fact Sonnen is the complete opposite in real life. Bummer we know, but it is ok as Pierce (who grew up with Sonnen) shares a funny little story about how he was belly to back suplexed by Chael Sonnen during a wrestling practice. Watch the video and see your intelligence grow! Now go, go on….view the interview…you must…

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