Miguel Cotto offers Maidana advice on facing Mayweather and speaks on training with Freddie Roach

Cotto on Maidana Mayweather Martinez presser

If a fighter is looking for the elusive “blueprint” to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. there is no better boxer to turn to than Miguel Cotto.

Arguably giving Mayweather his best fight of the past several years, Cotto was able to pressure Mayweather enough and throw off his usually defensively sound style. That left Mayweather’s face visibly bruised and battered, something that most fighters who step in the ring with Money May can’t claim to have done.

During his Los Angeles press stop to promote his bout with Sergio Martinez Cotto was asked what Marcos Maidana must do to give Mayweather a challenge in the ring. Cotto was spot on with his advice.

“He (Maidana) can’t follow Mayweather’s game that is the way to beat him,” Cotto explained.

Doing that will require knowing when to be aggressive and when not too, something that Cotto did, going of his vast experience against top fighters. Maidana doesn’t have quite the pedigree that Cotto does, nor does he have the skills, so it will be tougher for Maidana to carry out Cotto’s advice.

Heading into his own bout with Martinez, continuing to work with Freddie Roach and having the opportunity to possibly train with Manny Pacquiao—even though Roach says the two won’t spar if they do train together—will bode well for Cotto heading into the June Martinez clash.

Cotto look revitalized in his last bout with Delvin Rodriguez, his first with Roach in his corner, and working with Pacquiao will only give him opportunities to be that much better.

Looking to be the first Puerto Rican fighter to win a title in four different weight divisions, Cotto will have plenty of motivation to make sure he puts forward his best fight against Martinez.

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