The Wolf Pack


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Marcos Villegas-Founder: Our founder and fearless champeen of anything Fight Hub TV. When Marcos is not uploading videos, editing our stories or pitching ideas   for our staff he can be seen on camera on The Boxing Channel and Fight Now TV doing them fancy on-camera stuff those fancy on-camera people do.

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Jason”The bearded saint” Nawara-Lead writer: Mr. Nawara is a wizard in word play and a wizard in life. He brings various stories to life using his various tools in sorcery and alchemy. His xp, mana, chi or whatever you call it has grown so much so that he astro-projects himself and his writing on other sites. Thus his legend has grown and was officially beautified by the church late last year.

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Mick “Magic Man” Akers-Lead Boxing writer: In a past life, Mick was a accomplished and pretty bad ass skateboarder. Trashing the board and the half pipe day in and day out. If you took a good look at him you could say he could of been Tony Hawk’s stunt double. But the fast and hard life of skateboarding lead Mick to Las Vegas to pursue a degree in journalism. He is doing so at UNLV and with this, Mick has already eclipsed all of us in terms of being real “Journalists.” Mick is also a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

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Sammy “AllJam” Perez-Staff writer: Sammy has been a lifelong fan of combat sports. Following boxing growing up in Philadelphia, he has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to phily boxing and the sweet science as a whole. He knows just as much about MMA as well but his most meaningful education was in West Philadelphia. He would spend countless summers on the playground ground, spending most of his days playing basketball with his cousin Carlton.

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Alex “The Red Barron” Mattis-staff writer: Wrassling, MMA, Boxing, Texas and ribs. This pretty much sums up Alex. YES!


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Will “Batman” Gray- staff writer: Will Gray became a fan of MMA after The Ultimate Fighter season one and quickly embraced the sport as a whole. Sticking to his dream  of sports journalism, he began covering the sport in 2011, contributing to US Combat Sports, MMA Valor & FightHub TV. Committing all his  journalistic efforts and interviewing skills to Fight Hub TV, he is always on the pursuit to speak with some of the industry’s biggest namees, having already  conducted interviews with UFC fighters: Carlos Condit, Mark Munoz, Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver and MMA personalities like Stitch Duran, Mauro  Ranallo, Dan Caldwell (TapouT’s Punkass) and others. Aside from possessing a black belt in awesomeness, Will does train BJJ and MMA in his spare  time, is an avid movie fan and enjoys time with his wife and children when not working behind the keyboard.

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Dustin De La Torre-Correspondent: Dustin has been a lifelong fan of all sports not just combat sports. Growing up Dustin remembers sitting around the television screen with his father watching the likes of Julio César Chávez, Mike Tyson, and Erik Morales to present day greats like Manny Pacquiao,and Floyd Mayweather. From the moment he saw Randy Couture and Josh Barnett do battle at UFC 36 he was hooked to the sport of MMA. “MMA brought all the great aspects of combat sports such as jujutsu, boxing, kicking boxing, and wrestling into one, Iwas hooked and have been hooked ever since.”  As someone who has competed in sports his whole life Dustin can appreciate the one on one combat that MMA offers. Dustin is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from California State University, of Los Angeles.

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Layzie The Savage-Videographer: He’s a savage on and behind the camera as our #1 videographer. When not filming stuff he can be seen hanging out with really famous people and eating protein bars.