Mayweather vs. Berto: Money May treating ‘last fight’ just like any other

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With longtime pound-for-pound great Floyd Mayweather Jr. claiming he’s hanging up his gloves for good after his Sept. 12 showdown with Andre Berto, the 48-0 fighter isn’t treating this bout any different from the rest.

Mayweather explained that despite his over 20-year career, one that has netted him hundreds of millions of dollars, that he isn’t about to make this a sentimental affair.

“Boxing was just a part of my life,” Mayweather said. “Just a steppingstone to become a promoter in the sport of boxing.”

One reason for Mayweather not regretting his decision to walk away is that he is still a healthy, fully functional person, something that cant be said for most fighters who’ve fought as long as Money May, especially at the top level as he’s been at for the better part of the last decade.

“Most fighters that have retired didn’t have a choice,” Mayweather said. “Being in hard battles, taking ass whoopings  will retire you. I’m in the game of dishing it out, not taking it, and that’s what’s so cool.  I want to tell every young fighter… don’t take any punishment. Be smart. The name of the game is called sweet science, to hit and not get hit.”

As he prepares to step away from the sport that he’s all but carried on his back for the past several years, he feels the biggest impact he’s left on the sport is based on what else, money.

“Financially,the game is totally different because of me,” Money May explained. “You’ve never seen a weigh in so huge… It’s just safe to say that it’s the Mayweather era.”

So if Mayweather keeps his word and this is in fact his last fight that should be reasons enough to draw a healthy amount of pay-per-view buys alone, even if most fans are disappointed with Berto being chosen as his opponent.

Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure, the sport of boxing won’t be the same with out Mayweather fighting in the ring, and even if you don’t think about it know, you will miss cheering him on, or hoping he get knocked out once he does walk into the sunset.

High Stakes: Mayweather vs. Berto, a 12-round welterweight world championship bout for Mayweather’s WBC and WBA 147-pound titles,  takes place Saturday,Sept. 12, at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will be televised by Showtime PPV.

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