Mayweather Jr. “Shane Mosley Advised Me That I Should Have Pacquiao Take The Test”

The fight game is a small, small crazy world. Somehow everyone is connected and at one point or another as a fighter you go through a cycle of looking up to someone, training with that someone, disliking that someone for the sake of a match, then actually fighting them and finally coming back full circle to being best friends.

you never know what beef is real or hyped or who is really close friends with each other. It came to a surprise to us that at yesterdays press conference to announce Victor Ortiz vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr., that Mayweather Jr. mentioned that he speaks to Shane Mosley quite often. The whole concept of fighting someone in a schoolyard brawl and years later you become the best of friends. Now we are not saying the two fighters are the best of friends but from what we got out of it Mayweather Jr. has been talking to Molsey for quite some time. The two future hall of famers fought in May of last year and Mayweather Jr. revealed that Mosley urged him to have Manny Pacquiao take a drug test no matter what.

What instantly came to mind was “why didn’t Mosley voice this opinion/concern when he was scheduled to fight Pacquiao?” That is a topic for a new day but some pretty interesting things come out of Mayweather’s mouth as he believes that Mosley regrets not making Pacquiao take a drug test. Mayweather also claims that Top Rank is “Piggy Banking” off his name claiming that the whole reason Pacquiao is doing great PPV numbers is because the two fighters are intertwined. Many may agree with Mayweather while others will hate all day but you can’t deny Mayweather Jr. does know how to make headlines and he has been making quite a few of them good or bad.

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