Sergio Martinez private workout out video footage

Coming off the heels of the exciting bout between Orlando Salido and Juan Manuel Lopez in Puerto Rico, boxing has another potential barnburner coming up this weekend as universally recognized middleweight king Sergio Martinez goes up against tough and rugged englishman born but Irish bred Matthew Macklin at the mecca of boxing in Madison Square Garden.

It will be Martinez’s first trip to the garden and he hopes the thousands of screaming Irish supporters that night will not provide Macklin with an extra advantage. We took a visit to Martinez’s camp a few weeks back and let me tell you they are a bit on the secretive side. It comes to no surprise as Martinez’s trainer Pablo Sarmiento’s brother and also the former head trainer of Martinez, Gabriel Sarmiento was wanted by Interpol for a few years. One can deduce that a air of cautiousness exists when entering the gym but once you get to talking with Pablo he completely opens up.

So with that being said we could only film certain parts of the workout and what we got we put together in this little highlight video we put together for you!

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