The story of how Mark Munoz and Jason “Mayhem” Miller became friends

What makes a ideal partner? A roll dog that will be blood in and blood out with you? When we take a look back at the history of dynamic duos names come to mind such as Abbott and Costello, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Though a new page may have turned as the rise of the Mayhem-Munoz connection may upstage them all. AS you may or may not know, UFC middleweight Mark Munoz and Jason “Mayhem” Miller call the Regin training center home.

Munoz started the gym a few years back and has assembled a solid team of fighters along the way. As one can imagine the inclusion of one “Mayhem” Miller to the team have made Munoz and the latter rather close. In this special video interview, both Munoz and Miller discuss how they became friends and how Miller became part of the Reign family. So sit back and relax and take in the aura of bromance to is oozing from this video.

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