Mark Hunt vs. JDS is official for UFC 160, the rally worked!



Whoa, #RallyForMarkHunt worked? Not that we didn’t think it would work, but after a strange back and forth in which Dana White claimed Mark Hunt turned down the fight (which he obviously didn’t), the two men talked on the phone and worked out whatever they needed to work out, and in the end, UFC 160 will have a clash between Junior dos Santos and Mark Hunt, supplemented by a little rematch in Cain vs. Bigfoot 2. Expect Overeem and his rehabilitated quadriceps to make a showing around UFC 161 or on a show in the mid-summer. But, back to UFC 160 and the heavyweight madness therein.

Not a bad show, at all.

So, about that conversation between White and Hunt – For all we know, in typical Hunt fashion the “great conversation” Dana White said they had could’ve been all of four words,  such as: “I’m ready to go” or “Yeah, whatever, I’ll fight JDS” were probably what was uttered in Hunt’s usually monosyllabic fashion. But really, who cares? We the people got what we wanted, and that’s all that matters. Mark Hunt will now put the longest winning streak in the heavyweight division on the line against Junior, who is one fight removed from a title fight. Without a doubt, this is for number one contender-ship and is truly such an awesome fight it’s difficult to comprehend.

It all goes down May 25th at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas.

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