Mark Hunt is cleared for UFC 160, the fight with Junior dos Santos is still on.



After the last two weeks of second-guessing and wondering if the Mark Hunt hype train would be derailed due to a prior arrest years ago, thus effecting his Visa ¬†and travel to the US for his fight against JDS, everything has cleared. Life is good, we are cool, everything is great. Now, we shall see the rightful number one contender fight go down at UFC 160. Rally for Mark Hunt? We never needed to. Mark hunt just kept on knocking other humans out with a such ferocity he couldn’t be ignored for long. Now the only question is: can Hunt knock out a man in JDS who has never been knocked out? Yeah, I think he can.

Hunt made the announcement via Twitter earlier:

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 3.29.32 PM

Roy Nelson was on deck waiting for a JDS rematch if Mark Hunt wasn’t going to get his Visa cleared, but now Roy will have to head beck to the end of the line to maybe fight the winner of Overeem/Browne? Or maybe Gonzaga? All we know for sure is that the winner of JDS/Hunt will take on the winner of Cain and Bigfoot. Man, can’t wait.

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