Marina Shafir talks about stalking Cris Cyborg, will be ready for her in a year and a half

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I learned more in a few tips from Marina Shafir at Glendale FC than a year of Carlson Gracie Chicago under my white belt. I’m not sure if ‘wunderkind’ is the right word to describe Marina, but maybe ‘the next Ronda,’ is probably correct. Phrase for word. Yeah, that works.

I’m sure that’s the last thing Ronda or Marina want to hear, maybe. Who knows? If you don’t know by now, Marina is Ronda’s BFF, or scientifically speaking – best friend forever. She’s a badass judoka, will fight in the 145 pound division, and I’ve seen the horror she can wreak upon another person’s body up close and personal. She’s undefeated on the amateur circuit with a collection of armbars and dominating highlights, sound familiar? Now she’s preparing to make her pro debut this weekend and the world is about to take notice.

Layzie The Savage sat Marina down to talk to her about her upcoming fight, and the path that will ultimately lead her to Cyborg. That’s right, Cyborg.

What I’ve learned is a new perspective on fighting, and I’m fighting differently than I would as an amateur. Have more fun and be serious at the same time, rather than just have fun. My mind is a little more focused than before. I’m really excited because I don’t know who my opponent is. I’m used to it in judo, bracket changes or opponent changes. I’m not worried about it, I know my gameplan and I’m goign to implement it. No disrespect, but no one’s getting away from it.

If she doesn’t make 135, which I don’t think she’s going to do, a year or a year and a half. Her holes have been exposed. We’ve seen them. I watch her fights every single night before I go to bed on TV and Youtube. I stalk her on Facebook and Instagram. I hope other girls realize in the 145 division that she bleeds like you, she has weaknesses, she’s not the strongest human being in the world.

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