Lyoto Machida feels Glover Teixeira is the one to beat Jon Jones.


Father time loses to no man, but Jon Jones probably has a good decade of fighting left in him. Maybe longer ┬áif he doesn’t move to heavyweight. I can’t imagine many people at 205 could beat him. Maybe Lyoto in a rematch, but that’s a big maybe. Glover Teixeira on the other hand… He is one legitimately interesting contender. With all of this said, watch Gustaffson do something insane and beat Bones this fall. That’s just my luck.

Our Vegas correspondent, Michael Mardones, caught up with the Karate master, Lyoto Machida, and discussed Glover’s rise in the UFC light heavyweight division and his chances against Jon Jones:

“I think Glover has great technique, he’s a strong guy and he could beat Jon Jones one day. He’s good and it’s difficult to take him down he has (good) defense and cardio too. I think Glover can beat Jon Jones.”

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