Josh Koscheck – “I hope AKA San Jose burns to the ground”



Sometimes when a relationship comes to an end, both parties can separate in a civil sense and leave with the notion of “‘better luck next time, take care.” Other times, you may take all the backs of the earrings from your ex so when she tries to go out with Mr. Wonderful, she can’t ever get ready because the earrings keep falling off – all the time you are laughing it up with her best friend who was always better for you anyhow, stop feeling guilty.

Josh Koscheck does not just take the backs off the earrings, he wants the whole jewelry box  box burnt to the ground! In this case, the metaphoric jewelry box box is the American Kickboxing Academy gym in San Jose, CA.

In this exclusive clip of the new reality show focusing on AKA, “Fight Factory” premiering on the NuvoTV network, August 15th at 10pm ET/PT, the UFC welterweight talks with friend and training partner, Jon Fitch about leaving the gym, and feelings towards the split.

“This is the first camp away from San Jose, now at my gym (Dethrone Base Camp – Fresno, CA), I can sleep in my own bed…I hope that gym burns to the ground, the only one I have problems with there is Javier (Mendez)”

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