Josh Barnett “Im going to anally rape him if possible,” at Impact FC 1 in Australia

Josh Barnett.

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Pride Legend and destroyer of mma fight organizations. The man can do it all.

The last time we saw Barnett he proved he had balls of steel as he beat Mighty Mo in Japan under the Dream banner. During the bout Barnett hit Mo with a unintentional nut shot. It shook up his opponent for a bit, but Barnett being a true sportsman allowed Mo to hit him in the bread basket after the bout in a sign of forgiveness.

The man created tons of headlines last week as our interview was featured on yahoo  sports and other sites that he in fact believes he can beat current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. On the heels of these and his Fedor comments last week, Barnett has built quite a bit of buzz coming into his Impact FC 1 debut in Australia this Friday. The baby faced Assassin will be fighting Brazilian of guerrilla like proportions Geronimo Dos Santos.

No not that Dos Santos, this one is different, but he has a pretty cool name. Lets see if he will be saying Geronimo on Friday as Barnett says he plans on “winning anyway he can get it; I’m going to anally rape him if possible.”

Lets hope we do not see the whole sodomy situation play out this Friday; Impact FC will really earn it’s name of IMPACT FC for other reasons. See more hilarious tidbits below.

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