Josh Barnett, a karaoke bar and a shower…

In a Fight Hub TV classic clip, Josh Barnett shares a little story about a trip he took two years ago to the land of the rising son. With out releasing names, Barnett recounts some crazyness happening at a karaoke bar he entered with some un-named fighters. As mentioned in the story, beers and booze were flowing as a more than likely stocked mini bar lead to some pretty hilarious moments.

Though we do not know of the details of what songs were sang, we are sure Barnett squeezed in a little bit of death metal for the hell of it. Other probable songs that could of potentially been sung could of one of the following:

Ninja Rap-Vanilla Ice
Bounce with me-Dj Ozma
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch- The Four Tops

It certainly would of been a site to behold as well as comedy gold. As for the fighter unnamed that mooned everyone in the bathroom, we gotta do a little research but we are probably way off. If according to calculations the Karaoke fest occurred two years ago, which could of coincided with two of the Sengoku events that Mr. Barnett participated in. Sengoku First Battle and Sengoku Second battle both occurred with in a few months of each other. Some notables on those two cards that we would be familiar with would be Nick Thompson, Evangelista Santos, Fujita, Takanomi Gomi, Jeff Monson and Kevin Randleman.

So yea, it could of been any one of those guys are someone who was cornering someone else at the time, so really there is no way to no who the flash bandit is. If you had to make a guess out of those fighters and have a little bit of fun with it, we would make a totally random guess and say our “flash bandit” is…..Nick Thompson.

Why you may ask? Well Thompson is a member of the Theta Delta Chi Fraternity so it is plausible that with a little sake and good warm fun that the inner greek in Thompson could of came out for a drive by mooning.

We are probably totally and completely wrong though, enjoy the quick story!

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