Jon Jones says Anderson Silva is still the greatest ever, letting the argument rest for a while.


Until they fight, which in my opinion, may never happen, the argument over the next few years will be Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva. Over the last few years, I was convinced Anderson would have his way with Jones, but after watching Jones fill into a heavyweight frame and throw around Vitor and Chael around like kids, maybe Anderson wouldn’t fare so well against the 25-year-old Jones. After all, Anderson is quickly approaching forty, and God knows unless Anderson is on TRT that something has to give, and soon. Even Ali went out on a losing streak.

But on April 27, 2013, Jon Jones still set the world straight on who is the best, and for right now, it’s still Anderson. Jones was asked if he was the best after the fight, this was his reply:

“No,” replied the 25-year-old New Yorker.

“I celebrated my two year anniversary of being champion this year, and Anderson has been doing it for about six.  That’s phenomenal.  That’s phenomenal pressure that he’s been able to uphold and continue moving forward with it, so I admire him so much,” said Jones.

“Yes, I’ve had some great fights, and I’ve had a great career, but Anderson is still an amazing guy.  He’s still my idol and I’m not going to disregard what he’s done.”

Jones has almost cleaned out his divison, with only Hendo, Mousasi and Gustaffson left by my opinion. He’s one more win away from breaking TIto’s light heavyweight defense record, and then he said he would be moving to heavyweight, so hopefully this Anderson fight happens really soon. How long will it take that toe to heal?

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