Johny Hendricks prepares for Georges St-Pierre- Training gallery

hendricks training for GSP

Tucked deep in the heart of Texas, Johny Hendricks has been quietly preparing for a fight that very well could change his life forever. Hendricks is set to meet UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167 and Hendricks, beard and all has been training like a mad man. This is the first GSP fight in a long while were a lot of fans are picking the challenger to not only upset him but to knock him out. This of course stems from the dynamite that Hendricks holds in his left hand (though he contends he has KO power in his right as well) which of course is fueled by his most secret weapon….his beard.

As you can tell in the gallery below, Hendricks’ beard is coming along well as our man Freddie Sosa had a chance to shoot and sit in on a training session.

[nggallery id=127]

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