Johny Hendricks’ goal is to KO Georges St-Pierre with his right hand

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 11.20.48 AM

I’ve been saying it for a long time, and I’ll say it again – Johny Hendricks will be the one to finally defeat GSP. It may be an ugly, knock down, drag out brawl, or maybe Johny will knock him out in mere seconds. All I know is that Hendricks is the most complete package GSP has ever faced. A world-class wrestler with massive power in both of his hands. Yes, both of his hands, not just the left, as he told Marcos Villegas.

“I’ve never disliked anybody I’ve fought. That’s one thing I love about this sport. You can look across and say ‘hey, he’s a good guy.’ I got to meet him a couple times, [GSP] is a good guy but it’s our sport and our goal is to beat the other guy up.”

“I can lay you out with both hands, everyone thinks my left hand is the hand that’s gonna do it, but the goal is to put it away and knock him out with my right hand. The difference between me and Josh is that I do have the power to take GSP down. I let my body do the talking. I don’t go in with a gameplan, I have a bunch, and then let my body figure out what it wants.”

“I know how to defeat a wrestler and the takedowns. Koscheck, Fitch tried taking me down. Get back to your feet and bang it out.”

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