Johny Hendricks and Georges St-Pierre will undergo VADA drug testing for their title fight.


Wow, this is great. We don’t usually get such altruistic sportsmanship like this anymore, but GSP and Johny Hendricks going the way of VADA testiing for their high-profile fight this fall is a great, great step in the right direction for the sport we love. I’m not going to throw out conjecture, I don’t really know how dirty the sport is, but enough fighters have come forward wanting this testing that I can only furiously applaude and hope no one inviolved with this fight gets injured.

GSP set the tone, speaking out and calling on Johny to take VADA:

“I believe VADA testing I’m up for it and I invite my opponent to do the VADA testing for the championship fight,”  “I invite if possible all the high-profile athletes in the UFC to do the same. I believe it’s a good thing. It’s a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes but … I’m ready to do it to set a good example.”

Hendricks immediately accepted, and happily:

“Heck ya!” “The worst thing that they’re going to find is a little bit of protein in my diet. If eating wild hogs and organic deer meat and a little bit of glutamine is bad for the ol’ system then I might fail,” Hendricks joked.

“It doesn’t matter. Today, tomorrow, three months from now, I’ll gladly take a test for anything,”

Cool stuff.


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