Jens Pulver and Gabe Ruediger talk Joe Lauzon

So whats better than interviewing a fighter about a upcoming fight? Putting a fighter who the other fighter looks up to and let him talk about the fight the other fighter is going to have. This is exactly what happen as by some miracle we were able to get Gabe Ruediger and Jens Pulver together in front of the lens. You gotta love Jens Pulver, for most of the video you could see the emotion coming off of Gabe Ruediger’s face as he talked highly of him. This magical moment was made courtesy of our fight correspondent, Marcos.

So big ups to him.

UFC 118 will be this weekend and while the BJ Penn/Frankie Edgar and Randy Couture/James Toney fights will be stealing much of the spotlight and headlines, Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Ruediger is going to be a real treat to those who know the back story. Alot of talk has been going back and forth between the two fighters and Ruediger guarantees fireworks, so make sure to catch these two clash head to head on the Spike TV portion of UFC 118. For more on what Ruediger thinks about this fight stay tuned as we will have his full interview up shortly!

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