James Terry talks controversial Loss at Strikeforce: “Nah-Shon was just as shocked as I was”

by Monta Wiley

Controversial wins, bad officiating, and poor judging are common occurrences fighters may encounter while competing in the sport of mixed martial arts. On the Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine event, the night featured an exciting under card match-up between American Kickboxing Academy Fighter James Terry squaring off against Nah-Shon Burrell. In what seemed like a stellar performance by Terry when the smoke cleared it was Nah-Shon Burrell victorious over his opponent by spilt decision in what many feel was another case of why you shouldn’t leave the fight in the judge’s hands.

Fight Hub TV recently spoke with James Terry about his thoughts on the controversial decision and how the ordeal has motivated him.

FHTV: Before we get into your controversial loss, talk about your preparation for the fight?
JT: My game plan for this fight was to wrestle with him. So I really focused on mixing up strikes and takedowns.

FHTV: How confident were you heading into the fight?
JT: I am always confident when I fight if I wasn’t I would be doing this.

FHTV: It seems as though you were solid throughout the fight. What was your overall strategy during the fight?
JT: I felt I dominated the first 2 rounds. I partially separated my shoulder at the end of the second round. So going into the third round I was hesitant to open up at the risk of dislocating the shoulder all the way.

FHTV: The fight is over and shockingly your opponent was victorious, what were some of the emotions you were going through at the time?
JT: I was shocked when they announced him as the winner. I believe Nah-Shon was shocked as well. We all know who won that fight. There needs to be a better system for judging fights. I have seen way to many bad decisions in MMA.

FHTV: How has this situation motivated you and what are some of the things you feel you need to improve on as a fighter when looking back at the fight?
JT: I am always motivated after fights. I can’t wait to fight and win in a dominate fashion.

FHTV: Would you like a rematch with your opponent?
JT: I will fight Burrell again if that is what the fans and promoters want to see. I have nothing to prove. I already beat him and doing it again won’t help me get a title shot at my true weight class, lightweight.

FHTV: Finally being that you are a rising fighter in the Strikeforce organization, for those that don’t know James Terry what do you want to leave fans with when they think of you ?
JT: I want the fans to know I train hard so I can be an exciting and technically sound fighter.

FHTV: Well that wraps up the interview, would you like to give any Shout outs?
JT: I want to thank my gym Cung Le’s AKA and all my sponsors Celi Group Realty, GFY Gear, BR Flooring, Magnum Drywall, Score Clinic, Key Chiropractic, Vision Quest Spine and Sport, Lexani, and Chris Shelton at Morning Crane.

photo taken by Dale Shirley

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