It looks like Chael Sonnen vs. Rashad Evans could happen at UFC 167.


Rashad vs. Chael, eh? I’m down for it. I think it would probably be a damn good fight too. I don’t think Chael has ever fought someone with as good of wrestling as Rashad, and a win for either of these guys puts them firmly in the top 5 of the light heavyweight rankings. The only question: who would get the takedown first?

Man, the more I think about it, the more I want this fight to happen.

Rashad told MMAjunkie:

“I think it’s something that definitely could happen,” “I think it’s the fight that makes sense for both of us. Even though we are friends and we have a great relationship, we have the same goal, and we’re in the same weight class.”
“I think it’s a difficult question, because you never know how it’s going to be when you get in the cage with somebody,” he said. “But having had the experience of dealing with it before, I know how to emotionally handle it better than I did before.”

To which Chael replied:

“I got bored waiting for a chump, and I needed a challenge,” “And Rashad is a challenge with a capital ‘C.'”

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