Is it true that some Brazilian fans are turning on Anderson Silva?


Dana White, Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman are on a world tour right now, building up hype (as if they needed help) for their rematch at the end of the year at UFC 168, and yesterday they stopped in Sao Paulo, and i guess the Brazilian fans were kind of crappy to Anderson Silva, someone who has been vocal about his support of Brazil for years.

Can you believe this? What a finnicky fan base to turn on Anderson so suddenly? Supposedly, the Brazilian fans would mob Anderson in Brazil before his loss, but not anymore. Dana White expressed his shock as well:

“I was kind of feeling for him coming into Brazil, he was getting a lot of criticism coming here,” said White. “This is his country. He’s been f—— fighting for this country forever. He goes out and he loses one fight, the way that it went down, and like everybody turns on you.

“In one fight? After all the things he’s done and all the things he’s accomplished?”

“I’m sure it’s tough to deal with, but he’s handled it like a champ. You don’t ever see Anderson Silva snap or flip out on people. I do, daily, but you don’t see him do it. He always composes himself like a champion and a good dude.”

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