Holly Holm kicked the head off Allana Jones last night at Legacy 21, watch out featherweight women.


Legacy FC put on a brilliant show last night on AXS TV, one in which we saw the first Leonard Garcia finish in five years, and a new reason to pay attention to the ever-expanding women’s MMA scene: Holly Holm. Holm has a brilliant resume detailing her boxing skills, with which she won 18 world titles during her time in the sport. She has also been spending time at Jackson/Winklejohn in an effort to expand her skillset, and has a good win over Jan Finny. We knew she would want to keep the fight standing against Allana Jones, who just recently lost to Fallon Fox about two months ago, and we also knew Holm is better than Jones in just about every area, but my god we never expected the featherweight stand up superstar to kick the head of Allana’s shoulders. Damn.

Well, then again, she was a damn decent kickboxer before she started her boxing career. Watch this.

Holly Holm vs. Allanna Jones


Thanks to Zprophet for the .GIF!

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