Greg Jackson “Georges St-Pierre will be 100%”

By Marcos Villegas

It seems Greg Jackson has learned his lesson on what he should do when fighters he has trained get matched up against each other, this Saturday UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit will face UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154. Both fighters have trained under Greg Jackson, with the trainer wisely sticking to the sidelines for this bout as opposed to what he did when Jon Jones faced Rashad Evans.

St-Pierre carried out the bulk of his camp at the Tri-Star gym under the watch of Fira Zahabi, while Condit has been putting in work at Jackson MMA with the help of John Winkeljohn. My question is though, Winkeljohn has assisted with St-Pierre camps in the past, so what is their relationship like now? Drama aside, Jackson is happy to be on the sidelines, as he tells Michael Mardones that he believes St-Pierre will be 100% come this Saturday.

Despite a win or loss on either side, Jackson is ready to take up coaching duties for both fighters once this bout is behind them, relishing a match up with Nick Diaz for either the winner or the loser. A Diaz match up with either man is certainly in demand, given the controversial loss the welterweight had to Condit last February; We of course can not forget that a Diaz/St-Pierre is a mega match up though a certain UFC middleweight champion may be lurking in the shadows in a fight that is the MMA equivalent of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.

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