Cesar Gracie Talks Gilbert Melendez, says will never fight Nate Diaz if in UFC

Mr. Michael Mardones was up in his home region of the Bay Area recently as he had a chance to sit down with Cesar Gracie at his gym in Pleasant Hill, CA. The two had quite a lengthy talk, as we will be posting up clips of the various two touched on. For today though, Gracie talks to us about how Strikeforce Lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez has been since suffering his shoulder injury that put him out of his bout with Pat Healy.

The head of the Cesar Gracie fight team also reveals that after two fights with Josh Thomson, Melendez loss a bit of motivation to round off the rubber match adding that having the same opponent for three fights did have an effect on the champion. Of course us fans love to talk about hypothetical match ups and if Melendez were ever to go to the UFC he could potentially face team mate Nate Diaz..well at least in our hypothetical in which we make up. Gracie answers the definitive question as to if the two would ever fight if need be which as you can get is a big fat no. More from Cesar after the jump!

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