Jhonny Gonzalez knows that friendship will not matter in the ring when he faces Abner Mares

jhonny gonzalez

You gotta give boxing credit for a few things. While MMA was kicking the crap out of them in terms of putting on fights fans wanted to see, boxing has slowly learned from the example set forth by the UFC. We are seeing stacked PPV cards now being put together such as the Mayweather-Canelo card, as well as televised prelims and more of a push to market fighters. One thing that MMA can learn from boxing though is that training partners and friends fight all the time in the sweet science.

Abner Mares vs. Jhonny Gonzalez is a example of just that. The two fighters at one point in time shared the same trainer in Nacho Beristain and served as sparring partners in Mexico. It was during this time the two became dear friends though Gonzalez should of known he was on a collision course with Mares when his now rival captured the WBC featherweight title last May. Though both fighters admit that it is hard to have to fight a friend they ensure us when they step inside the ring they will show no restraint to each other, “He’s my friend outside of the ring, but inside the ring there should be no compassion. It is our job, our profession. When it is all over then we will continue being friends, wish each other luck regardless of who wins and life goes on.”

Wow, if we could only get Georges St-Pierre and Rory MacDonald to think this way and just about every other MMA fighter then we would be on to something good. Though Aug 24th should have some good action on Showtime as Mares and Gonzalez go head to head. Watch the full interview with Gonzalez below!

Boom! Bonus iteam! Watch Gonzalez beat the crap out of this bag:

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