Georges St-Pierre Works On His Kicks At The Wild Card Gym


So what does UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre do when he is in Los Angeles with nothing to do? He heads over to one of boxing’s most storied gyms, The Wild Card that is home to such champions as pound-4-pound best Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan and many others. St-Pierre who is accustomed to being mobbed by legions of fans where ever he goes is treated just like a average Joe once he steps foot in Wild Card. A few weeks back we were lucky enough to meet the UFC champion and he allowed us to film him working his kicks after a long mitt session with Freddie Roach.

It was a strange site as on the same day assembled boxing media was present at The Wild Card for rising boxing star Amir Khan as he was preparing for his bout with Zab Judah. A majority of the attention was focused on Khan and us at Fight Hub were perplexed on how St-Pierre was virtually left alone with either no one wanting to bother him or the majority of boxing media not knowing who the superstar is. Pierre worked the heavy bag for about twenty minutes before wishing Khan luck and heading over to the ESPY’s where he was nominated for the best fighter award. Manny Pacquiao would end up winning that honor from the sports broadcaster.

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