Mikey Garcia vs. Orlando Salido: Full Garcia mitt and shadow boxing workout with Robert Garcia

The 2013 fight season has officially kicked in and we could not be anymore happier! Not because there are some really awesome fights ahead of us in the next few months, but rather we would of probably died of boredom and spent all our cash reserves on Ghostbuster Proton backpacks and Jedi bathrobes if there were no fights scheduled soon! So rejoice!

On January 19th, while Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort go head to head on Fuel TV in Brazil, while here in North America top featherweight boxing prospect Mikey Garcia will attempt to make a family dream come true as he faces rugged power punching Orlando Salido for his WBO featherweight title. It has the makings of a thrilling fight, as you can put Orlando Salido in with a Ben Stein and it would still come out as something fans would be screaming and going gaga over.

We had a chance to see Mikey and the rest of the Garcia clan train yesterday in Riverside, CA at the Two Feathers Boxing club in what turned out to be a interesting experience. We only say that because when we arrived at the door a angry Indian greeted us, in which he thought we were spies from Salido’s camp trying to scope out Garcia. The one thing we got from this wise Indian was that “it pays to be red,” (his words not ours) a truth which was visually apparent given the various toys he had laying around the complex: one Mercedes S class, one covered up chopper motorcycle, a nice RV, a brand new Jeep, a few golf carts, various unused big screen TV’s, and really nice casino type chairs inside the gym. On the real, dude was pretty balling, and the actual boxing gym inside was very nice as well. Ok enough of our little tangent! Check out the video below!

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