Freddie Roach breaks down Nick Diaz’s boxing, “St-Pierre a more complete fighter than Diaz”

So with Nick Diaz losing to Carlos Condit and talks of the rematch not going thru, it sadden a whole mess of MMA fans that they would not get to see Nick Diaz take on UFC welterweight champion Geroges St-Pierre. To many, Carlos Condit the new interim champion holds an even bigger challenge than Diaz but it was the fight everyone wanted to see due to the type of trash talking involved. St-Pierre had been working on a game plan to nullify Diaz’s striking and he was hard at work with famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach before the welterweight champion tore his ACL.

In this archived interview, fight correspondent Marcos Villegas speaks to Roach about the problem that is Nick Diaz. Roach goes into detail about what he thinks of Diaz’s boxing and nuances that he was planning on exploiting with St-Pierre. Roach though recognizes skill when he sees it and was not shy about voicing it in Diaz’s case “Nick Diaz I do not know you but your a tough guy and you can fight.” When asked who the best boxer in MMA is the hall of fame trainer answered that in his opinion it would be Anderson Silva, “Anderson had six pro fights in Brazil. He understands timing and distance really well.”

Check out the full interview below.

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