Freddie Roach gives Georges St-Pierre update, “GSP will be at The Wild Card next week”

Freddie Roach is sort of the Tapatio sauce of boxing trainers and let me explain why. You can put Tapatio sauce on any type of food whether it be Mexican, Asian, Arabic and it will still taste pretty damn good. Put Roach in there with a professional kick boxer, Muay Thai or MMA fighter and sure enough they will come out with better overall hands. Georges St-Pierre realized this two years ago as he randomly just showed up at The Wild Card and asked Freddie Roach if he could train with him. Roach obliged and out came a partnership that has seen both Roach and St-Pierre become steady training buddies.

So much so that St-Pierre can’t get enough of the Tapatio sauce that is Freddie Roach and as Roach tells our main man Marcos Villegas he expects to see the UFC welterweight champion very soon, “Georges will be at The Wild Card next week. He will be working a bit of boxing and moving around.” As it is no secret St-Pierre continues his rehab on his injured knee which forced him out of his bout with Nick Diaz and Roach has been following the champs recovery, “I know he has been moving around, been kicking a bit. Nothing to forceful,” said Roach. Roach expects Pierre to do some pretty rigorous training in the next month as we hope he will be 100% to face Carlos Condit in the fall.

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