Freddie Roach “Amir Khan’s last fight wasn’t that great”

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Freddie Roach sounded off on his former trainee Amir Khan and despite the bashing Khan has put on Roach in the press and through social media outlets, Roach showed why he is one of the classier guys in the sport saying that he doesn’t hold a grudge.

The last thing the sport of boxing needs is a feud between Roach and Khan, as it would seem childish and sort of sabotage the sport they both make a living off.

Roach is right; Khan seemed to be happy with his work with the hall of fame trainer up until that big TKO upset at the hands of Danny Garcia last July. Soon after he lost and announced he fired Roach, Khan went on the attack saying that Roach didn’t teach him defense and that it was all Roach’s fault for the loss.

One thing a trainer can’t teach any of his boxers, no matter what techniques they show him is how to not have a suspect chin and Khan definitely has the reputation of possessing a weak chin.

The only way the feud could work out in a positive way would be if Khan would be ready to face one of Roach’s fighters, to see if he could prove himself against the teachings of his former trainer, while showing off what new trainer Virgil Hunter has instilled in his fight game.

There is one scenario that we could see that play out in; that would be if Roach’s hot prospect, junior welterweight Jose Benavidez Jr. can continue with his winning ways to land himself a fight with Khan —who despite his recent losses, is still one of boxing’s biggest draws.

If this fight were to take place it would be at least a year if not two years down the line, so don’t hold your breath on the fight taking place, as a lot would have to fall into place to make that bout happen.

So until then let’s hope that Khan can join Roach in taking the high road and keep their relationship a cordial one and not a messy one that is spewed all over the press. Adding more negativity to boxing in a time that it needs all the positive press it can get would be a bad move on both Khan’s and Roach’s behalf.

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