Freddie Roach “All strength trainers are bullsh*t; There would be no drugs in boxing if we got rid of them”

Boxing fans worldwide should be excited for what should be a very focused Manny Pacquiao on December 8 when he faces off with Juan Manuel Marquez for a fourth time in Las Vegas, Nev.

With his trainer Freddie Roach raving about how good Pacquiao has looked during their current training camp, we may finally see a dominant win by Pacquiao to avoid the same “who won” talk we have heard since the two fighters first meeting back in 2004.

With reportedly no distractions hindering Pacquiao’s focus-level heading into the fourth fight with Marquez, Roach flaring up his beef with Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza is not a smart thing to do.

We all know Roach and Ariza aren’t too fond of each other, so letting problems involving two key members of Pacquiao’s camp should be kept quiet and out of the media.

Although Roach pointed out that Ariza has only been stretching Pacquiao during the current camp, Pacquiao is keeping Ariza around because he obviously finds him useful, so roach must learn to deal with that.

Pacquiao displaying that his knockout power is still there knocking down sparring partners four different times according to Roach, Pacquiao’s career and the sport of boxing would get a huge jolt if Pacquiao is able to KO Marquez.

Not only would a possible knockout show that Pacquiao is still on of the pound-for-pound best, but it would also energize fight fans knowing that one of the most popular boxers of the past decade can still end a fight early. A KO win would finally give the fans a clear-cut winner after a series of fights that could have gone either way in the three previous bouts.

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